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Posted on Aug 3rd, 2017

Kurt Koepke obtains excellent result in arbitration of injury claim.

This underinsured motorist claim revolved around a motor vehicle collision occurring on Route 83 near Lake Villa, Illinois. Attorney Kurt Koepke represented the insurance company in this matter. The claimant was a passenger in a vehicle involved in the collision. The vehicle being operated by the at fault driver drifted from his lane into the claimant’s lane of travel. The vehicle that the claimant was a passenger in had moderate damage. Claimant was a restrained passenger in the right front passenger seat.

Claimant settled his claim against the at fault driver for $50,000 and pursued this underinsured motorist claim. Claimant asserted that he continued to suffer from mid-back pain that radiates down his left leg which started the day of the accident. Additionally, claimant stated incurred medical bills of claim of $34,184.34. The matter proceeded to arbitration pursuant to the provisions of claimant’s underinsured motorist coverage in the applicable insurance policy.

Claimant and attorney Koepke presented evidence and arguments to the arbitration panel. The arbitrators determined that the total value of this claim was $45,000. Claimant received a net award of $0 after applying the insurance companies’ right to set off $50,000 for the payment received by Claimant from the at fault driver. This was an excellent result for attorney Koepke and his client.

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