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Posted on Dec 2nd, 2016

Disfigurement and Compensation under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act

By: Jason G. Schutte

A common question that employers and injured employees have is whether an injury that cases scarring, disfigurement, etc, is compensable if it causes no discernable disability. Disfigurement is compensable under Illinois Workers Compensation law.  The Illinois Workers Compensation Act states:

“For any serious and permanent disfigurement to the hand, head, face, neck, arm, leg below the knee or chest above the axillary line…” [1]

Disfigurement has been defined by the courts of Illinois as impairment or injury “to the beauty, symmetry, or appearance of a person or thing; that which renders unsightly, misshapen, or imperfect, or deforms in some manner.”[2]  Obviously, the most common form of disfigurement is scarring, which could result from cuts, abrasions, burns, etc. 

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[1]820 ILCS 305/8(c) (2016)

[2] Superior Mining Company v. Indust. Comm., 309 Ill. 339 (1923)

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