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Appellate Practice Featured

We are a full service litigation firm, which requires not only skilled trial attorneys to guide your case through the trial court, but also attorneys experienced in appellate practice to help negotiate the intricacies of the appellate process. Understanding when and how to appeal trial court rulings and how to counter an opponent's appellate arguments requires specialized skills and experience significantly different from those utilized at the trial level.

Our attorneys have an eye for detail necessary to identify and prevent appellate errors during trial, to comb a post-trial record in search of reversible errors to raise on appeal, or to defend a successful trial before the appellate courts. Our attorneys have successfully litigated many cases from trial through appeal in the state and federal courts.

With this extensive knowledge, talent and experience, our lawyers work to avoid the traps that exist in practice before the appellate courts by proactively addressing issues during pre-trial and trial, preserving errors during trial and in post-trial motion practice, and navigating intricate appellate rules and procedures.

Contact the attorneys at Koepke & Hiltabrand to discuss your appellate rights and issues.

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