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Collection, Recovery, Eviction

Collection and Recovery

Collection claims are formal or informal actions where a creditor is claiming that a debtor owes the creditor money. The creditor is bringing the claim in an effort to recover the outstanding money owed. These actions often arise in the form of breach of contract. They commonly stem from failure to pay credit card debt or medical bills, but may arise from many other forms of debt.

The creditor may bring a lawsuit against the debtor in the local circuit court. If the creditor obtains a judgment in court, he may pursue collection through various methods including wage garnishment, property turnover or body attachment.


Eviction cases are claims where a real estate property owner (usually a landlord) is attempting to remove a tenant or possessor from a piece of real estate that the tenant is occupying. The landlord files suit against the tenant and asserts that his right to possession of the property is greater than the tenant’s and the tenant has wrongfully withheld the property from the landlord. These cases are often brought simultaneously with a collection action.

The attorneys at Koepke & Hiltabrand have helped many creditors collect outstanding debts and assisted landlords in removing tenants from their properties. Contact KOEPKE & HILTABRAND today to assist you with you collection and eviction actions.

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