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Medical Malpractice Featured

Doctors, physicians’ assistants, nurses and all other types of health care professionals dedicate their lives to providing healthcare services that are life-giving, life-improving, restorative and focused on improving the health and wellness of their patients.  Unfortunately, not all medical treatment outcomes are as expected.  Sometimes a negative outcome or perceived faulty care results in a civil lawsuit where practitioners and medical facilities are forced to defend themselves and their profession in a court of law.

At Koepke & Hiltabrand, our goal is to provide quality defense of medical malpractice claims through effective communication with our clients and an understanding of the technical aspects of their profession. We are committed to protecting the rights and interests of healthcare professionals and the healthcare industry. We understand that the plaintiffs in a medical malpractice claims may be sympathetic, and we know how to counter those biases with fact based defenses.

Our attorneys are experienced in resolving cases through various means, including jury trial, motion practice, negotiation, and mediation. Contact the attorneys at Koepke & Hiltabrand to assist you with any professional liability claim or question you may have.

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